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Container Management 5.00 Enterprice

What's new 

This version we add new good feature like "Let me choose final load output" function. WIth this function user can choose for final load output style as you need. After finish calculating on automatic mode, software will show user with list of "top loading style" order by percentage of load efficiency.


Cargo Optimizer Enterprise handles regularly shaped containers such as ocean containers, trucks, Pallet, Air container and refrigerated units. Plus it offers several advanced options such as:

- Multiple container sizes per shipment (no limit)
- Multiple cargo sizes per shipment (limit to 150 sizes)
- Calculate costing and cost per package being shipped
- 4 Cargo types (Carton/Pallet/Cyliner/UnitLoad)
- 4 Container types (Sea container/Air cotainer/Flat pallet/Pallet box) 

- 5 Container shapes
- Unusable space in container (corner casting, air flow space etc.)
- Save loaded pallet as UnitLoad cargo type (2-stages loading) 
- Support to interlock load pattern 
- Freeze Loading (Recalculate on loaded container) 

- Mix cargo type loading 
- Flat loading 
- 3D View (360 degree rotation) 
- Weight distribution graph 
- Manual load (drag and drop) 

- Edit loaded container 
- FILO (First In Last Out) loading style 
- Stack loading rule 
- Ultimate mode calculation 

- Group loading (Find maximum quantity of set to full container) 
- Find maximum quantity to full container 
- Carton Designer module
- Find bestcontainer 
- Auto container quantity

- Demonstration button
- Automatic upgrade inform 
- Free upgrade lifetime (no more cost, one time payment only) 


4 Cargo types

Enterprise version support to 4 types of cargo.


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4 Container types

Enterprise version support to 4 types of container.


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5 Container shapes

Enterprise version support to 5 shapes of container.


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Unusable space in container

Unusable space is the space that can not place cargo on it. It's can be corner casting or space for air flow for refrigerated container. User can define Unusable space in container.


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Save loaded pallet as UnitLoad cargo type (2-stages loading) 

User can save loaded pallet as new cargo. This cargo type is UnitLoad. It will have detail of all cargo on pallet. User can use this feature for 2-stages loading. Strat withz load cargo into pallet, then save loaded pallet as new cargo, finally use UnitLaod to load into container again.


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Support to interlock load pattern 

Support to interlock load pattren. It can make more load efficiency for some loading case.


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Freeze Loading (Recalculate on loaded container) 

User can recalculate new cargos in loaded container output by use Freeze loading option.


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Mix cargo type loading 

User can create shipment with mixing of all cargo types.


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Flat loading 

Flat load option to set load style as flat loading. Best result for not full container loading.


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3D View (360 degree rotation) 

Real 360 degree rotation just click on load plan picture and drag your mouse to rorate view.


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Weight distribution graph 

Real 360 degree rotation weight graph, just click on load plan picture and drag your mouse to rorate 3D graph. This graph show percentage of weight on floor of all container space, center of gravity position (blue ball) and center of container (white ball).


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Manual load (drag and drop) 


Manual load with drag and drop. It's very easy to design and edit any load style as you need. Many options to help you manage your loading style as you need.


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Edit loaded container 

In Load Plan view you can click on  button to send current container to re-arrange in manual load module.



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FILO (First In Last Out) loading style 

With FILO loading rule option, software load cargo in deep of container by place lower sequence number to inside of container.


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Stack loading rule 

With stack loading rule option, software will place cargo by use lower stack value on bottom of more stack value.


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Ultimate mode calculation 

Ultimate mode is special calculation mode by push all loaded cargo inside and recalculate on new available space.
It can make more loade efficiency in some loading case.


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Group loading (Find maximum quantity of set to full container) 


Cargo Optimizer come with feature to calculate for maximum capacity for group cargo.
With this function user can calculate for maximum set for “set product”.


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Find maximum quantity to full container 

Cargo Optimizer come with feature to calculate for maximum quantity for single cargo to full any containers.
With this function user can calculate for maximum quantity of cargo.

Software will calculate for maximum number to full container.


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Find best container 

If you enter more than one container to shipment, you can use option to calculate for best container from your list.


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Auto container quantity 

If you use Best container option, you also can choose to auto container quantity option. With thius option software will automatic ad contaier quantity until load all cargo.


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There are two minor version of Cargo Optimizer Enterprise :

Enterprise handles all shaped containers such as ocean containers, trucks, Pallet, Air containers and refrigerated units. work with carton/box, pallets, cylinders and UnitLoads.

Enterprise Network handles all shaped containers such as ocean containers, trucks, Pallets, Air containers and refrigerated units. work with carton/box, pallets, cylinders and UnitLoads. Plus keep database on server computer.


Network database

Carton type

Pallet type

UnitLoad type

Cylinder type

Sea container

Air container

Flat pallet

Pallet box

Container shape

Cylinder cargo orientation
Save loaded pallet as UnitLoad

General features


Specification list

Carton Designer 
Cargo Database
Container Database
Customer Database
Input Specification
Load Options
Load Summary
Load Plan
Manual Load


1. Support many screen resolutions.
2. Working in multilanguage interface.
3. Working on 2 unit system both imperial (lbs., inch) and metric (kg., cm.). 
User can choose only one unit system on installation process. 
4. Unlimited number and size of containers per loading (Multicontainer loading).
5. Unlimited number and limit to 100 sizes of cargos per loading.
6. Provides a full export and import capability (from MS-Excel)
7. Lets you view the loading, complete or in phases, using the Load Plan window
8. Provides easy to follow loading instructions that show the exact quantities and position of packages to be loaded
9. Offers full flexibility in loading and stacking rules to cover all your operational requirements 
10. Manual Load to al
low user design any load style as required by yourself. 

Carton Designer (Design carton from product) 

1. Use to design carton from one piece of product.
2. User can define dimensions and weight of product.
3. User can define number of product per carton and package layout.
4. User can rotate product to 6 orientations to choose the best style.
5. User can define thickness of paper for use to calculate carton size.
6. User can define package weight for use to calculate carton gross weight.

7. User can define partitions (materials between products in carton) inside carton both internal partitions (product and product) and external partitions (products and carton).
8. User can save picture of design as picture file.
9. User can send carton details as new cargo in cargo database.

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Cargo Database

1. User can define SKU# and Cargo Name.
2. User can define dimension of cargo in length, width and height with automatic volume calculation.
3. User can define weight of cargo.
4. User can define pack (number of product in side) of cargo.
5. User can define max stack (maximum number of cargo that can be stacked on top of each cargo without breaking) of cargo.

6. User can define Stack value" (number of stack value (use for stack loading rule)).
7. User can define Sequence (number of priority (use for FILO loading)).
8. User can define Unit price (price of products per pieces).

9. User can define Pallet height (height of pallet (for pallet and unitload)). 
10. User can define Pallet weight (weight of pallet (for pallet and unitload)).

11. User can define orientations (six different ways in which a cargo can be loaded) of cargo. 
Enterprise version use "multiorientation" style. Each orientation can define from 4 modes (Allow all/Not allow/Floor only/Non floor only). Each cargo can set maximum 24 orientation styles.
12. User can define color of cargo for easier recognition in mix cargos loading.

13. User can define cargo type between box, pallet and Cylinder (UnitLoad is special type of pallet).
14. User can define No other product on top option to allow, or not allow other cargos to be placed on top of this cargo
15. User can view picture of cargo and copy to clipboard.


16. User can define Cargo group to make group of same kind cargos.
17. User can search to any cargo from database by use cargo list and search option.


18. User can import or export cargos database to other computer.
19. User can copy cargo details to new cargo.


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Container Database

1. User can define Container ID.
2. User can define Freight
3. User can define inside dimensions of container in depth, width and height with automatic volume capacity calculation.
4. User can define maximum weight capacity of container.
5. User can view picture of container and copy to clipboard.
6. User can define Pallet height (height of pallet (for pallet type container)). 
7. User can define Pallet weight (weight of pallet (for pallet type container)). 

8. User can define Container group to make group of same kind containers. 
9. User can search to any container from database by use container list and search option.
10. User can import or export containers database to other computer.
11. User can copy container details to new container.

12. User can define Container Type (Sea container/Air cotainer/Flat pallet/Pallet box)
13. User can define Container Shape and Slope size for non rectangular shape.
14. User can define Unusable space in container.


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Customer Database

1. User can define Name and Address.
2. User can search to any customer from database by use customer list and search option.
3. User can import or export customers database to other computer.
4. User can copy customer details to new customer.


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Input Specification

1. User can define Shipment IDDateDescription, note and currency.
2. User can define containers and number of container to use to calculate (choose from database).
3. User can define cargos, seq (loading priority), quantity,unit price of cargo and customer (choose database).
4. Software comes with 2 graphs to show percentage of Volume and Weight of Cargos per Containers before loading for user decision.
5. User can search to any shipment from database by use shipment list and search option.
6. User can export whole shipment to one file and use to import to other computer by without same container, cargo or customer database
7. User can copy shipment details to new shipment.
8. User can add Cargo and Container direct to shipment (don't choose from database) with our Direct Input system. 


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Load Options

Many load options for automatic calculation


limit loaded cargo to container weight capacity use to limit loaded cargo quantity to container weight capacity.
Use stack loading rule use to place cargo by use stack loading rule. 
No overhang loading Allow/not allow overhang loading (floating cargo) 
Flat loading load cargos in flatten style. 
Max capacity for group loading use to calculate for maximum capacity of group cargo.



Find best container use to find best container in container list of shipment.
Auto container quantity use to allow/not allow software to add container quanity by automatic 
(this option will enable if use Find best container option). 
Remove conflict cargo from unusable space use to allow/not allow to remove conflict cargo from unusable space in container. 

Quantity/Freight/Efficiency use to set find best container mode (use with Find best container option).
Quantity choose container with maximum loaded volume first
Freight choose container with minimum loaded cargo freight first (Container freight per loaded cargo volume)
Efficiency choose container with maximum loaded efficiency first


Use freeze loading use to calculate with freeze loading (automatic enable with compatible shipment to freeze loading).
Cross deep level use to set cross deep to loaded cargo in container.



For cylinder cargo you can limit cargo orientation with square or intersect pattern.



Allow to use corner space use to allow to load cargo in corner space of intersect patten.
Use bottom orientation use to place cylinder cargo with same orientation of base cargo.



Load style use to choose FILO (First In Last Out) loading mode 

FILO use to allow to calculate by use FILO mode
Cross deep level use to set cross deep to previous loaded cargo in container.

Note : FILO option can use with more than one cargo in shipment only



Calculation mode use to choose ultimate loading mode 

Ultimate use to allow to calculate by ultimate mode

Note : Ultimate mode will not use with some load option (for sample Overhang loading) and Ultimate mode will use more calculation time.



Calculation target use to choose target of calculation between Loaded volume or loaded value

Volume use to set calculation mode to loaded volume
Value use to set calculation mode to loaded value

Note : for value mode, cargo in shipment must t o have price.



This section is used to define maximum calculation time.



Loading mode is used to define calculation mode between Manual mode (Loading by user) or Automatic mode (Loading by computer). 
LOAD button use to to start loading calculation.




Load preview use to show picture of maximum efficiency on calculation process.

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Load Summary

1. Load summary will show loaded statistic as number of used container and number of loaded and unloaded cargo.
Loading output can be summarized both in costing and packing. 


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Load Plan

1. Load plan show loaded cargo in container as picture of loading step.
2. Load plan show details of loaded cargo (number of cargo, number of product, total weight, total volume and total value) in container and weight & volume utilization.
3. User can rotate loaded container view by drag mouse.

4. User can choose to display loading picture in color or black white and also has effect to picture in report.
5. User can choose to display square mesh and define size of mesh in container.
6. User can choose to show SKU# on cargo in loading picture.
7. User can save loading picture as picture file in bitmap or jpeg format.
8. User can copy loading picture to clipboard.
9. User can choose to zoom in/out loading picture by hold Ctrl+scroll mouse wheel. 

10. User can choose to view in 3D, Weight distribution, Top, Front and Side view.
11. User can control loading animation and move to any loading step by yourself.

12. User can choose to show only selected cargo in loading picture by double click on cargo name on cargo list (3D view only).
13. User can choose to move to any containers in same shipment (in case of multicontainer loading).

14. User can view loaded cargo in weight distribution mode. 
15. User can send any loaded container to re-arrange again in manual load.  
16. User can save loaded container (pallet type) as new UnitLoad cargo.  


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1. User can define User details to show on report header.
2. User can define LOGO to show on report header.
3. User can define report namereport footer and option to show or hide report header and website and email on bottom of report.

4. The software comes with "Unit converter" to convert dimension, weight and volume between Metric unit system and Imperial unit system.

5. The software comes with "Currency exchange" to exchange money to any currency by define rate exchange.


6. User can use translation feature to translate software interface to 36 languages. 

Below is list of language we have now. 



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The software comes with 14 styles in 7 main reports to use both packing and costing details.
- Loaded Summary (from Load Plan for all containers in shipment).
- Picture Summary (from Load Plan for each container).
- Summary (from Load Plan for each container).
- Load plan in 1/2/4 loading steps per page (from Load Plan for each container).
- Unloaded cargos (from Load Summary).
- Manifests (from Load Summary).
- Shipment (from Input specification).

We suggest PDFRedirect to print report to pdf, bmp, jpg any many formats.

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Manual Load

click to enlarge


Allows the user to design any load style as required by yourself. 

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